Biography of KIMURA Harumi (Ms.)


[Current Position]


Instructor, College, Course of Sign Language Interpretation, National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities (1991~)


TV Newscaster, Shuwa News 845 (Deaf News 845). NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) (1995~)



[Office Address]

4-1 Namiki, Tokorozawa Saitama 359-8555, JAPAN





Deaf School of Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki Branch School (1981)


Yamaguchi Prefectural Hohoku Senior High Schoool (1984)


Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare, Japan College of Social Work (1989)


Master of Arts, Graduate School of Language and Society, Hitotsubashi University (2007)


Currently attending Ph.D. program at Graduate School of Language and Society, Hitotsubashi University (2007~)



[Record of Institutional Membership]


Apr 1985-to date: Member of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf


Apr.1991-Mar.2006: Member of Japanese Association of Sign Linguistics


Apr.1995-May.2009: Staff of The Japanese Sign Language Teachers Center


Apr.1999-to date: Member of The Japan Association for Interpreting and Translation Studies


Apr.2002-to date: Member of The Japanese Association of Special Education


Dec.2007-to date: Board of Directors of educational foundation Meisei Gakuen School for the Deaf


May.2009-to date: Board of Directors, The Japanese Sign Language Teachers Center, Nonprofit organization


[Notable essays, papers etc.]


Harumi KIMURA, and Yasuhiro ICHIDA(1995). Hajimete no syuwa (Biginnig Sign Language). Tokyo: Nihonbungeisha. [In Japanese]


Harumi KIMURA, and Yasuhiro ICHIDA(1998). Shuwa kyouiku ni okeru Natural approach (Natural approach in the sign language education). "Japanese Journal of Sign Linguistics" [In Japanese]


Harumi KIMURA(2005), "Japanese Sign Language: Teaching and Learning It in Japan", Paper and presentation at 3rd National Professional Development Conference (ASLTA)


Harumi KIMURA (2007). Nihon shuwa to Rou Bunka ~Rousya wa stranger (Japanese Sign Language and Deaf Culture ~ Deaf is a stranger~). Tokyo: Seikatusyoin. [In Japanese]


Harumi KIMURA (2008), "Bilingual Education for Deaf Children", Paper and presentation at 15th World Congress of the WFD (Spain)


Harumi KIMURA (2009). Rousha no sekai ~zoku・Nihon syuwa to Rou bunka~ (The world of Deaf ~ To be continued Japanese: Sign Language and Deaf Culture ~). Tokyo: Seikatusyoin. [In Japanese]




I was dispatched to Myanmar as a short-term expert of The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) . 21 -31 July 2010. "Project for Supporting Social Welfare Administration - Promotion of the Social Participation of the Deaf Community"